• Conveyancing
  • Subdivisions
  • Leases
  • Planning
  • Property Duties & Taxes
  • Owners Corporations
  • Mortgages & Loan Agreements
  • Agreements Between Co-owners
  • Solicitors’ Certificates

Indicative Experience

  • Represented a landlord in the purchase and sale of shopping centres in Victoria and other Australian states.
  • Advised and then assisted a land-owning joint venture entity with the purchase, sub-division and sale of 26 residential properties, including related taxation issues.
  • Negotiated, drafted and finalised interdependent leases in a shopping centre on behalf of the owner of the diverse group of commercial properties.
  • Assisted an entrepreneur with complex duty and tax issues arising from the ownership and transfer of properties, including in connection with trusts and superannuation funds.

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